This is the time of year for horror flicks, costumes et al. I buy a bit of candy each year but in 20 years no-one has visited. No-one can get in here unless I arrange for everyone with kids to come see us, and I am not into the Halloween spirit.

What is creepy is internet stalking that began yesterday by a local vendor who has my address, phone and other information. There are no good treats to go with that trick. For this individual we’ve a couple of special treats, personal security and video footage, everywhere.

Kids, be careful. Have a chaperone nearby and have your parents go through every treat before you eat one. I’m old enough that certain really nice ladies took the time and effort to make caramel apples and we knew the ladies but my parents still threw the apples away because they heard that nasty people were placing pins in them, long before biological weapons.

One day, long ago, my girlfriend arranged for me to stay with her that night so we could be downtown and go to apartment buildings and get a great haul. I still couldn’t eat any of my candy until I was picked up early the next morning and my parents went through the stash. I swear to this day that my mother swiped anything with chocolate and nuts! No caramel apples, though. Happy whatever, Dee


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