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Sugar and Spice, and Herbs

At lunch time my major concern is that window washers are coming down and there are ropes hanging. Our poor old dog doesn’ know what to do so I’m awaiting their arrival and introducing them as our friends, as I do every year.

I cannot go out or get lunch anywhere until they are below us and friends.

Today my husband went out a new adventure. Part of it is attending a wedding for a young cousin. Brava! We sent her one gift this morning, no, two. I had the opportunity to teach the bride and her cousin cooking classes, two years at Thanksgiving, when she was just a little girl. I heard that she and her future husband  like to cook together.

All I’ll tell you about the first gift is that it includes reference works (how romantic) plus the same spiced nuts I place on Nanny’s table every year for 14 years come next week. The spiced nuts were not sent to the bride, but to her mother, to calm her nerves and know everything will be OK. Don’t stress! Nanny and I are there in spirit for you. Just place the nuts on the table, take a breath.

Of course for Thanksgiving I never would have tried to do pies or cakes. First, I do not bake. Second, you couldn’t imagine the tastes up there on that Thanksgiving table. Forget the table after being satiated by turkey, ham, brisket and numerous side dishes. Feeding 50+ with just desserts, one must use windowsills et all!

I thought a lot of fresh spices and herbs would complete our wedding package so ordered it from Penzey’s this morning and it will arrive before the wedding as well. I remember when the bride’s youngest brother climbed off his mother’s lap and insisted on kissing me goodbye. He’s grown now and would hate to hear that story. I’ll keep it for blackmail!

For the bride and groom come common herbs, chilis and cinnamon sugar, sugar and spice. Congratulations, newlyweds!

In the beginning I  concentrated on two things and knew no-one left much on the kitchen table. I brought my homemade boursin and crackers, plus spiced nuts and just left them on the table. During The Game all the ladies congregated in the Kitchen and I hope I had a part in that. Next year I gave them spinach balls but left that recipe to a new bride in my new family.

Mincemeat tarts, Brussels sprout and cauliflower vegetarian (but rich and sinful) gratin. I don’t remember the rest at the moment, only that the boursin and nuts always are on the kitchen table and after all the good dishes are cleaned and replaced that’s where we go to relax before the next round. Yes, there’s a next round after The Game and it entails plastic cups and paper plates.  That’s why I wanted cousin the MOB to have the nuts on the kitchen table in a bowl, or wherever she wants them. My husband flew them south this morning and will take another flight and car to the wedding.

Sorry I will not be there. I did go off the bride’s gift list but then again, I taught her cooking when she was a little kid and her cousin K said my first year (before marriage) that “Nanny has shoes like that.” Ouch! Love these gals and it makes me feel really old to see one getting married. To Bride and Groom! Dee


Rabbits, Hats and Air Force One

I would have loved to be by the red carpet when our President, visiting a union rally, shook the hand of the Governor, noted union buster. Air Force One was right out on the tarmac while my husband and I were eating a burger outside of security. Yes, we were allowed real silverware. I asked if I could leave his bag for a minute to go twenty feet to the window to see the plane and the waiter said “there’s so much security here no-one will take it.”

This was a quick visit after many weeks and we got some business-type things taken care of, he slept a lot, we kept him on his time zone while I worked both with the dog, and we bought him some clothing to get by.

The two shirts didn’t work and he just asked me to go back to the store and get our money back later this week. I am noted to be sneaky, legally, as in finding ways around traffic. I called the store to tell them of their error, and they said the shirts could be returned. We’re talking $80 dress shirts. I then called the store by the airport and ordered two shirts sight unseen and asked them to put them up at the counter so no-one could purchase them.

We arrived, one shirt was un-pinned and ironed and my husband put it on, I drove him to the airport and he’s off again. He arrived safely.

Do you think I ruined all my rabbit and hat trick? We’re facing deadlines in life and work, the same deadline and we’ve thirteen days and the clock is ticking.

At the store, I saw a gorgeous paisley tie on the associate who was working there, a gift from his daughter, not from the store. I’m picking out bespoke shirts from Hong Kong and India/London and found two paisley ties. My shirt choices are from pink and purple, a new look for suits and being approachable as a tall guy.

My gut always tells me what to do. Right now we have to order shirts that will go with suits and ties because I know that’s the next step. Now it’s business casual and he always dresses 1-2 tiers up. This has been and is a rocky road but we always get through it. Hope your kids are happy being back at school and that you even got a vacation this year! We did not.

Here’s one half of the snack/lunch I brought the staff from the herb garden I envisioned and keep up and the photo didn’t come up. I made boursin with cream cheese, butter, all of our herbs and a clove of garlic. It was served on two vibrantly striped melamine trays with cauliflower, carrots, tomatoes, broccoli, snap peas and yellow peppers. A ramekin with our herb mix was in the center.

Life and work. Sometimes I really hate that my husband’s work determines our life and that I gave up my work to travel with him. Now we need to make decisions that will affect the rest of our lives, forever.

The cabin on a lake beckons. As long as there’s a Whole Foods nearby! I know what to do and need to make it happen. Don’t worry, Hipless Wonder Dog, you’re a part of it, too. Cheers! Dee