Yes, I am when my husband leaves for work all week, every week. Last week he was sick with a cold and said he was staying away. Instead he flew in for 30 hours and drove me away. His snoring was so deep and loud from the severe head cold I went to the living room until six, when I took out then fed the girls (dogs). Then I fed him, and brought him apples and grapes.

Yes, that’s plural dogmas. I went out with a fire alarm with one dog, came back with two for a few days. Yes, Miss L is owned by a respected doctor, a neighbor who asked us to take her in again. I don’t mind. They keep each other company.

Miss L and Zoe enjoyed their time together. Miss L left yesterday morning. My husband left this morning. Zoe is more lonely than I am right now. I’m looking at breeders as an exercise as I’ve chosen four breeds after Zoe is gone, soon, but am asking myself if she needs a friend in her waning years.

She misses Miss L. The Divine Miss L left undercoat on Zoe’s bed, where she now sleeps, rather than on ours. I’m thinking she needs a buddy. We’ll talk. I may have an interim solution. Cheers to friends, Dee


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