Canis Dormiens

Let sleeping dogs lie. This weekend I created a new category for the Olympics. Let sleeping dogs lie. Zoe and her young guest Miss L slept through most of their weekend here. Eating, walking, playing keep-away did not stop them from sleeping, usually near each other and in the same position.

I moved in Junior year of college with five gals and was named the cook (a wise choice for them as they’d never had anything from outside a box) and they did everything else from dishes, shopping (until I had to supervise), table setting and clearing, to trash. I asked one thing, that I be seated on a corner as I’m a leftie and don’t want to elbow anyone. They were all lefties! It’s no wonder women take on certain traits when they live with other women, they cycle together. Strange, anyway…..

Sunday, the Zoe and Miss L were told that the Olympic judges tied and they both won Gold in the Sleeping category. Mr. D at the hardware store up the street made his recommendations for their medals. A red, white and blue lanyard with a blank key with the same colors. I tied the lanyard to the size of their necks.

Zoe is lonely today, as my husband is gone as well. She still has the disciplinarian and food wench! Yes, that would be me. I’m not a politician nor will I ever be. I do know right from wrong and was a policy wonk. Nerd, whatever you wish to call it.

I do know that when my husband is away, I’ve a friend in old dog Zoe. We depend upon each other. I lifted her to our bed and she can’t hear, see or feel me walk by unless I touch her head. I’m wondering if she needs a young pup for company or if that would be just an annoyance for both of us. We gals have to stick together, leftie or not! Dee


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