One Thing a Day

Learn one new thing per day. Reach out and talk to someone and learn something small or remarkable. You might learn something non-pharmaceutical that helps an earache or another that allows your pet to eliminate normally.

Yesterday I learned that my husband hates roasted kale. Lightly dressed with olive oil (the good stuff), salt and pepper and crispy I think he tried one piece and left the rest on his plate. At least he tried it! My aunts always made me try something before they let me know what was in it.

I would try it, like it and they’d give me the recipe. That is how I first learned to cook.

Politics taught me too many things a day but I kept up. 750 bills to manage, no assistance, no computers, everything by hand. I learned a lot, every day, those years and developed my own systems for bills, and for randy elected officials and legal counsel.

“Good to see you sir!” Suggestive comment from him. “And how is Mary, and is Amy doing well in art school?” Oops, Dee is a few years older than my daughter. End of threat.

The worst line ever, that I was called into a high government official’s office for, for him to nearly turn over his chair for laughing, was from one of their lawyers. “You’re an attractive woman, I’m a man, we both have needs.” I brushed him off and went upstairs to our apartment and half the legal staff was there with my female roommate and they and I were laughing so hard I had to use the loo. Then I told them the story. They were supposed to show up earlier at our “place,” but did not. They offered me a glass of sherry, not to my liking. That was a learning experience. Then they told their boss, the high government official who called me in, the story as they were all roommates. That lawyer never bothered me again in that domain.

The elevator conversations were worse but while I was never on the debate team in high school I learned with epees how to thrust and parry and when to do so in conversation. I was young but learned about many legal areas and loved my “family” of 62 at work and organized many functions, plus stayed hours later than everyone because of workload and that I was single and could call them if they needed to show up for their area of expertise.

It is an interesting route to go from “single” to “just the wife,” that is a learning curve I’ve been on for over 15 years and still trying to learn how to deal with bill paying where our bank will not discern that I had these accounts years before I met my husband, and governments, so that’s a daily learning session.

Learning to deal with people is an everyday occurrence. They’re usually interesting, sometimes nasty with a dog who bites mine. We learn to get around the problems but one happened two weeks ago. The owner was very responsible but the dog did attack mine twice in about 30 seconds. She is old, and has been friends with him since he was a pup. I thought about it and sent them a nice note about finding a trainer versed in the breed and offering a walk-by after training was complete.

Whatever it is, learn something every day. After I did the research and our old dog Zoe’s hips were taken out at a critical puppy age she had to grow her own from cartilage. She had a sort of seizure the other day and now her gall bladder needs support as well so she’s on drugs that make her drink 1/2 gallon of water a day (she weighs under 35#) and go #1 like a racehorse. Yes, she usually goes every 8-10 hours but now it’s two hours.

I’m learning new things every day as I protect my husband and dog from harm. Please learn your own things that you need for yourself and your family. This is my family. Dee


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