Amateur What?

I live over a lake where the wind changes every 30 seconds. I imagine myself as an air traffic controller telling each plane to take a different trajectory to land safely. Don’t worry, I will not become one.

As a kid I wanted to name things, like crayon or paint colors. I might have been good at that as a career. Burnt Sienna was my favorite crayon, partially because of the color and also because of the texture.

I’m a foodie and may actually write a story/cook book soon. I did go to cooking schools in NY and Italy and learned a lot but was not in the business for long.

Writer of great fiction or even non-fiction. I’ve been afraid to take that on, probably because of a snide laugh and a “no” from a publisher.

Art historian or conservator. I’ve aptitude only for the first.

Running a non-profit organization, probably a no-kill animal shelter. They don’t call me Aunt Dee in our communities for nothing.

A good cook. I am one, and with training should be a professional but I had an accident (not culinary) that took me out of the business for a while and I turned my sights to other pursuits.

Of course, first female President, gold medal Olympics gymnast, ballet dancer, horsewoman. Perhaps I should place some of these on a bucket list. Forget President.

In the real world one thing I would like to do is to save feral cats. Out west caretakers trap them and bring them in for spay/neuter and health care, then take them back behind a strip mall where they were picked up knowing they’re OK, and provide food. Here, I believe they are just shot. I would like to change that. If someone tosses a box of kittens into a dumpster, it’s not their fault and they should have a chance at life.

Years ago I walked up to San Miniato al Monte above Florence, Italy that is a route I’ll never get to walk again. There’s a church on the way up and a lady who brought spaghetti for dei gatti (the feral cats). I came back the next day and gave her about $20 and she said no. I told her it was for the cats, so she accepted it. There are kind people, priests behind the church feeding ferals, and other caretakers all over the world. I’ve changed a few things in this town. Now might be the right time.

No, I will never be President, thank goodness. I do small things where we live, like a crosswalk nobody stops at, a pat on the chest for a dog, hug for a cat or helping someone through any loss.

I’m no good at loss. Our Uncle died the other day and was buried today. I talked to my father-in-law tonight for a while about the service that we could not attend. Our dog had a seizure the other day and I’ve been up day and night making sure she’s breathing and taking her out every couple of hours because she’s old and now on steroids and drinking water like crazy. What? I can do something about that. Aunt Dee to the rescue! Cheers, Dee


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