Framing Memories

Framing seems permanent. Not so an elegant brunch or dinner party which is gone in a couple of hours. After college my roommate brought me to a framing store and taught me the ubiquitous “uniframe.” Have the folks at the store dry-mount it and cut the glass and then we place it all in a plastic holder with string to hold it all together in back.

A uniframe looked better than posters with masking tape in back on concrete walls of the dorm.

Let’s talk states and countries. As I look at my chosen walls today, I’ve paintings, drawings and photographs, beautifully framed so I can remember my parents, siblings, my husband’s family and other dear folks.

It reminds me of adventures and to keep my tall husband from walking into low sconces on the walls. Thick frames. He will not hurt my photographs by walking under the sconce in the hallway. I place other things in front of other works, from furniture to a front-entry shoe/boot rack so he doesn’t hurt himself.

Greece, Pennsylvania, Italy, New York, Ireland, Texas, Indiana, Japan, Australia, California. I especially like our Tuscan retreat bedroom so that my husband can come home from work on weekends, sleep through it and never look at it! All I can say is that my framing of Tuscan lands must lull him into that much-needed sleep.

Much to do. Dee



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