A Good Man

died less than two hours ago. Two weeks ago it was Easter Sunday and a bunch of family and friends were at Nanny’s and he was out of bed and upbeat as always.

I was talking to my husband on his cell for a few minutes and Mr. S. grabbed the phone and said “hi Dee,” same thing my father used to say when he called me.

Instead of Easter, he said “Happy April Fools Day!” I replied that he couldn’t trick me because I was many miles away. He responded “there’s a possum in your house!” He was “up” physically and mentally for a day or two so we played the possum thing out.

Today I called just to see how he was doing. His sister-in-law answered the phone and said he died two minutes ago. I let her go immediately as I knew she had important things to do. Nanny has now lost three of her five children and has two sons remaining, one is my father-in-law. Mr. S got to see a baseball game last weekend with his brother, and will be wearing a local football tie at his funeral. I sent a baseball lapel pin for his suit, hope it comes in time. He did love sports.

A gentle spirit was lost today. We must give a thought for happy, encouraging, enervating, funny, kind people who have lived a good life. Sadly, Dee


One response to “A Good Man

  1. Of course I’ve a flower arrangement at home to keep up for Mr. S! It’s his family, a bunch of yellow daisies, around one white rose. Hey, that’s how it rolls.

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