The Menu

Welcome Brazil and Chile!

My husband will have been away for two weeks this time, for work and will be home tomorrow night.

As he always eats in restaurants during the week, I thought I’d try an old favorite and perhaps a new one. Dinner.

Meat loaf. He hates leftovers but loves a meat loaf sandwich the next day. Spatchcocked Cornish Game Hen marinated with lemon grass et al. If it’s not snowing/sleeting/raining on the same day we may be able to cook it on the grill.

He’s been gone for two weeks. I like for him to have some home-cooked foods on the weekends. We try to get out for lunch.

Oh, he found this game we played at a restaurant/beer place a while ago. It arrived this evening and I decided not to cook, rather go to the place where we played it with the entire box and let them know that we now have one as well. Bears & Babies. I had the wrong glasses so could not even read the rules, but I won.

This one is sealed in plastic, that he will open tomorrow. It was supposed to be sent to his family but it ended up here, where it will remain. He’ll send another to family. I’ve better glasses so can read the rules while I make a stew or something in the slow-cooker. Dee



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