of people and things. I preserve art by framing it and placing in under 98% UV preventive glass.

We have sconces here that are under my husband’s height so I’ve placed thickly framed artworks under badly placed sconces so that he will not hit his head and need to go to the hospital. He would not wish to ruin one of my photographs in the hallway, so he won’t hit his head. Don’t question me, it’s worked for years.

I’ve now 14 works of art stacked in our kitchen because when he is home, he likes to make spaghetti and meatballs and inevitably gets tomato sauce on the walls. I call that self-preservation. The paint ain’t all that great and regular scrubbings would probably take us through to our neighbors. Right near the trouble spot is now a framed photo of him in high school at Christmas, by the tree, putting together a grill his father got for his mother. It’s a favorite photo for both of us, as it shows his personality. Driven, methodical.

Canine preservation. A dear pup who loved our Zoe has grown up. In less than a minute last evening (we call it “last chance” outing because after that she wants to be lifted up to our bed right away to sleep as she has no hips) she was attacked twice by said dog. The owner never apologized but I told him Zoe did nothing to provoke the attack and he agreed. He’s a good guy and has never seen that kind of behavior before. Zoe is 100 in “people years” and was just standing there at the time. They sniffed noses, he attacked.

Just as “Mama Bear” protected her cubs, my husband and his younger brother, I take care of him and our old dog as best I can. I’ve also made limoncello once, and a blueberry/blackberry ‘cello still in the frig for tastings, so that is preservation as well. Right now I don’t have room for canning equipment but when I do, I’ll ask my mother-in-law about her pear preserves. Pears with cinnamon. Delightful! Dee


One response to “Preservation

  1. The attacker’s owner lied to me. The male dog attacked a sweet neighbor dog a few weeks before. She is scared of all other dogs and is only friends with my Zoe. Where are responsibility (owners) and trust (dogs who have been attacked by others) in our lives? We must have balance in life as in families. Families should feel a need to be responsible, especially for their kids. All of us should. Get training, figure out what the real problem is. Why an alpha male would attack two beta females in just a few weeks is beyond me, he and his owner need help from a trainer who knows his breed.

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