Yes, it is one of my favorite Nat King Cole songs I hope my husband will play at my funeral.

I was up early and the ancient dog was sound asleep but breathing properly, so I saw the movie Mona Lisa Smile. It was set in the early 50’s at Wellesley College with Julia Roberts as an art history professor. All the students cared about was getting married to a wealthy man and having a spectacular house and probably less spectacular kids.

When I decided on a college, at the tender age of 16, my father said I was going for a Mrs. degree. I went at age 17. I married at age 42. Dad knew he made a mistake there, and agreed on my choice of husband and never gave him the “eagle eyes.” Believe me, every boyfriend was scared to death of him, but I always knew he was marshmallow inside.

I’ve actually asked Pope Francis to give blessings for two of my favorite professors, both Franciscan priests and both with Him now.

Mom used to vacuum in a dress, pouffed hair and heels and that was the 60’s. What they did not say in the movie, outright, was that the days of Rosie the Riveter were over, the men were back and needed jobs, so they made marriage, babies and appliances a way of life. My mother lived it. I did not, and set out to work after I graduated from college. I considered law school or even a doctorate in fine arts or even government administration, not right at the time.

Thank goodness I never did any of those things. I wear pants, shirts and sweaters now, and am retired but still looking for work, at least volunteer work. I believe that people have to talk to other people and learn at least one thing new per day.

I cook for my husband and take care of old dog Zoe now. This weekend (he’ll be gone two weeks this time) he’ll perhaps have my homemade from scratch pizza, next night his favorite meat loaf. Last night before leaving again, a spatchcocked Cornish game hen in a lemon grass marinade. Perhaps next weekend it’s leg of lamb Robert (look it up on google, great marinade) from Jacques Pepin. My butchers are good to me not only because I look around, but because I cook their meat and bring back tastings.

Be nice to the folks who provide you with good food. Cheers! Dee



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