Jigsaw Puzzles

Childhood games. I would like to welcome Azerbajian as a reader of this post. My younger sister and I had a puzzle of the world and we would compete to get half done. I nearly always drew north and south america, and she drew europe and the east and africa. I usually won. That was because Canada, USA and South America was easy.

So many countries have changed during that time. She could still possibly beat me at the game but so many countries have changed, broken up like Russia and the Czech Republic. I’ve been in government and politics, they’re not necessarily the same. Think about what’s happened in Africa over the past decades.

We thought that as children, through paper we were putting the world together when it was being taken apart before we were old enough to know of national and world affairs.

As to poker, Dad taught us. We used matches at first, then pennies. All the matches and pennies were collected along with the cards. No-one had anything but bragging rights. That’s how Dad dealt with his kids. I don’t remember how to play poker and would be horrible at it.

We did plays and dance recitals in the basement and issued two tickets for our parents. Plays were a no-go even through hours at the local library. Instead we turned to Peanuts and I was always Lucy, sister was Charlie Brown and three year-old brother was Snoopy.

We made our own world back then with creeks and swings and working with a sand pile. Wouldn’t we love to go there again. Dee





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