Some are on the straight and narrow. Mine was that way for a long time. I lived in a Germanic household and Dad would come into our room at seven in the morning and blow his trumpet mouthpiece as in get up, get breakfast, do your chores. Reveille.

Mine took a different path as I did go to college as my parents wished, then went to work and waited 20 years to marry. We have an old dog, no kids.

An architect once told me that when one designs a college campus, it is wise to just place grass and see for a year how the students walk from the dorms to the science building or community center.

They blaze their own trails. A year later the architects place sidewalks in the places students tread. I thank friends and family for allowing me to go off the beaten path.

Thanks everyone, especially my teachers L and J, and Franciscans Cap and John, for leading me off the beaten path. Cheers, Dee


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