Follow Me

I always liked the tune and voice to that song and its’ writer, John Denver. I think it a bit condescending to women but have considered it as a song if we renew our vows this year, after fifteen married. We eloped so would like to do something for our families.

At this time I would hope they would follow us. It would be small, short and quaint with Texas sweet tea and lots of pies and cakes.

My husband might meet me there, he only follows me when we’re on an escalator! Guess who follows me now? Our old dog Zoe. If she is well enough I’ll take her on a three-day journey to Texas on her 4″ orthopedic bed in the back, and she’ll be a bridesmaid. No dress, just a white silk collar to go with her leash and my  little comb-out from the bath I gave her 48 hours before.

She used to follow me everywhere. Now I have to pat her head to go for a walk or eat her dinner. She’s still a chow hound and everything inside is working, it’s just her ears and eyes, and she can’t follow me anymore. Sorry Chani, you’ve been gone a long time and I’ve another great dog. There’s a photo of you in my kitchen, you and Sam the cat, who used to get in the gate and take a sun nap with you every day. I always remember my Chani. Zoe, we’ll see about that……… Dee


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