Social Interaction

Welcome US, France and Netherlands! Do you know how many recipes I could try and share if you allowed me to do so, with credit to you, of course. A few years ago a Swedish neighbor taught me Swedish meatballs. I invited him over to learn Texas chili. We were both supposed to take a test without assistance from the “teacher” but he moved away.

Two weeks ago management tried to ban all dog owners from using the lobby. Most people only go through the lobby quickly with their dog, go for a walk, and walk back through to mention the weather, get packages, mail and drycleaning.

I must tell you that the lobby makes old Zoe the dog’s day. She is 14 and losing her sight and hearing so having a fellow resident give her a pat on the head or security to open the treat cupboard and have her do a trick for a milk bone she donates, she is thrilled.

It was necessary for me to tell one staffer who has been abrupt with me of late that the “dog ban” had nothing to do with him. He told me he was not allowed to talk about it. I said I’m not talking about it, I merely found that a policy, on paper, to rob 2/3 of the residents who live here with a dog from a lobby and its services was unfair. There was never any animosity toward any staff member who enforced said policy. At least we should have safe places to go, and not back hallways and maintenance garages (islands of misfit washers and dryers). We would require a rent abatement for that, plus lighting and extra security.

I merely suggested that when there is snow and excess salt on roads (the city doesn’t plow, perhaps a single city truck goes out twice a year in blizzards) and sidewalks that their black lobby floors are white with bootprints and pawprints so they decided to ban residents from the lobby so that they could keep it pristine for potential residents. I thought that having a maid service on call would be a lot less expensive than for them to lose 2/3 of their income when we all decide to move out. Some very swanky clientele, pro ball-players. Not me of course. During the winter season, have someone to mop the lobby floor if called. It beats restructuring, additional security and extra storage for the island of misfit appliances.

I did some research, very quietly, only mentioned it to my husband, on ADA (Americans With Disabilities Act) for me, and a class action suit for Civil Rights Violations, also Discrimination in Housing. They cannot deny basic services without reducing prices. My husband thought me nuts but I had a bee in my bonnet and needed to do the research if this escalated. I didn’t need to tell anyone about it but had to get out my frustrations before the next one, taxes.

Our lease was signed before the newer pet waiver, which I’ve never seen, that perhaps asks dog owners to use a side door. Zoe is old and loves meeting people and other dogs so I’m taking her through the lobby unless told not to do so as it’s in the paperwork, signed by both parties. If we are denied access, I’ve a few tricks up my sleeve. Hey, my husband knows I always find a tricky way through neighborhoods to get to the grocery store while avoiding a highway, or regular haunt. Cheers and trust in Dee, she thinks outside the box. Dee

ps I need social interaction as well. Zoe takes up a lot of my time these days as I monitor her breathing and temperature so I’m home, semi-retired. We love to see the mailman, concierge, say hello to folks in the lobby. My husband is back on the road after writing a book (you won’t find it in Barnes & Noble) so taking social interaction from me is ill-advised. dee



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