Years ago there was a study of people and their pets. I remember one woman lived on the west coast of the USA and was in Japan on business. There were cameras installed in her home and as she got on the plane to come home her cat completely relaxed back in California. She let the tension go, from being away from home, and so did her cat.

My husband used to be away at work all week, every week. He’s been home writing a book for a while but is now away again. He called from a far-away airport and gave me flight info and said that he loves me. Our dog settled down and went into a deep sleep. She did not hear his voice but she did mine. I settled knowing he’ll be home safe.

Now I can monitor the flight and he’ll be home in a few hours. I believe that no matter the boundaries, even if there are no words there is a bond between humans, and humans and family members, including dogs and cats. I don’t understand fish.

Sometimes I just know something is going to happen, usually for the best. I can’t tell anyone because they’ll think I’m nuts (including my husband) but if there was a terrorist on my husband’s plane I’d probably know it and not from watching CNN or The Weather Channel. Kindred spirits, perhaps.

As for the dead, no. Occasionally I think of a question I would have liked to ask my parents. No-one’s ever answered in my unspoken quest, things like ancestry. I think that at my age I should think of the answer myself or Google it. Be calm. Your children and four-legged friends know when you are stressed and when your heart is no longer racing. Your loved ones are safe and nearly home. Cheers to you, remembrances and happy reunions. Dee


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