What To Make?

Two issues, both “a guy thing.” Now my husband’s not a football-watching, beer drinking kind of guy. He prefers the History Channel and Nazis.

What do I make for the maintenance guys? No hesitation, trifle. My trifle will come in it’s own specialty bowl with pannetone, fresh whipped cream with lemon zest and juice, and a horde of fresh raspberries and blackberries.

As of late yesterday, he has a former colleague coming into town for a conference, and is invited to dinner tonight. Luckily I filled in flowers yesterday but there are some things to be cleaned up.

I thought, he’s Indian, What can’t he get that is good in most restaurants? True Texas Chili. From choosing and grinding the meat with my KitchenAid stand mixer to molding the spices to my liking, my version of Lady Bird Johnson’s 1962 Pedernales Chili comes to life. They served 5,000 at their ranch outside Austin, including JFK. You can download the original recipe at the LBJ Library site, it was the most requested document at the White House until our President was slain.

There are no beans in Texas chili. I’ll serve it with boxed cornbread jeujed up with frozen corn, half-and-half instead of milk, a bit of cooked sausage and some good cheddar cheese. Salad on the side with romaine hearts and a bit of cavolo nero (black kale, dinosaur kale) for my Italian side. No, I’m not Italian, just think and try to live it. They work to live, and not live to work.

Well, if he’s Indian, I may be able to serve him British mincemeat tarts for dessert. No. I’ll do a parfait with non-fat vanilla yogurt, berries and granola on top.

Decisions made. Dog was taken out and fed before seven. The clock is ticking. Tick tock. Let’s start with the whipped cream for the trifle, wash the bowl and then grind the meat.

A man, a plan, a canal, Panama. I love palindromes. Still working on Christmas menu and believe that scalloped potatoes are loved and rarely eaten here so I will make them. I now know a Roman emperor Claudius and his grandma Livia, “amore Roma.” Dee


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