She Flew

The reindeer ornament with a tray of cookies flew off the tree, again. She’s lost her head twice and now has no legs but my husband will not allow me to bury her. He glued her head on yesterday and as she was carrying a tray of cookies, wants to keep the cook in me to a certain extent. I’ll look for the legs.

I think she flew because she wanted to be on Santa’s Team and they’ve never allowed a woman to be a part of that team. She kept trying to no avail. She is not a weather maven for the skies and sleigh but has other talents.

This reindeer cannot do field work, but the magnetic bracelets on my wrists allow me to type, my brain allows me to think, and as long as I’m at my desk with my feet up I’m good to go.

My husband made me give up my physically demanding volunteer work, then my consulting business to travel the world with him. Cooking, flower arranging are hobbies. Taking care of husband and dog are my job. Paying bills, doing taxes and sometimes even cooking are chores, though I did spend time planning a Christmas menu. Cheers! Dee


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