Yes, people are all different. People, however, have said that dogs only remember things for 45 minutes. Wrongo, moose breath (that’s my brother). Herders remember everything. That ride to work in the Honda 12 years ago? Tradition. Welcome to being herded. That’s our current old Zoe. I’d drop my husband across from work by the bus hut, Zoe would move into the passenger seat and sit like a person and everyone would point and laugh as she looked human. Routine. Don’t worry, I didn’t take her to the conclusion of the Ken Lay/Enron trial.

My first cat, Nathan was a talker. In 13 years I never got in the last word until I held him in my arms and the pink liquid did it’s thing. He was my first. Congestive heart failure combined with pneumonia.

Mick was a gymnast who bedded down with my first dog for a year. He taught himself to fetch crumpled post-it notes thrown over the sofa. He would retrieve and drop the note at my feet. Dogs used to run away from home to see him. He went to live with a Corgi who used to place his entire head in his mouth. They were best buds.

The first of two dogs was Chani. She helped me create off-leash areas in parks across the city. Not ours, sadly, but when she died neighbors bought the city a tree in her honor. It had a way better view than our home!

People have more complex things going on in the brain, on paper, but animals are fascinating as well. They really do have very different personalities. Think about that before you adopt. They’re interviewing you as well. Cheers! Dee


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