Or, as otherwise called, college gals’ night out. There were supposed to be six of us living in in three bedrooms in our sophomore year in off-campus apartment housing. There were nine.

I cooked dinner every night for at least 12, including the guys upstairs and another gal or two. I never cleaned a dish. My budget for 12 was $120 per week, most of our allowance. We went out and got $.25 “pony” beers for the rest. That was after we all played Uno.

When I speak of investment, it is about perhaps a Thursday night out at D’s next to the railroad tracks and across from the factory. Darts. On a fancy night we’d go bowling, but usually in gowns or cocktail dresses after a semi-formal dance.

For a regular night out I’d use the restroom to do #1, comb my hair then return to my bedroom and put on a clean shirt and better shoes. It took all of three minutes.

A roommate took over two hours to get ready with shower, drying and styling hair, makeup and choosing the right outfit. Yes, for a dive bar down the hill from campus. We awaited her finishing the task she assigned herself. She was pretty, a tad plump.

One day I sat her down and said that if I spent three minutes getting prepared for an evening out, if I get a fun conversation for three minutes I’m even. When you take over two hours to prepare to go to a dive bar you need to gain that back to keep even. It is a losing proposition. Be yourself!

I hope a wonderful husband has found her and that she has grandkids to brag about. It just bothered me that she had the world at her fingertips (a dive bar, ok) and had to overdo everything in order to feel attractive on the outside when she was so kind and sweet within. She never needed to hide herself.

Speaking of grandkids, a new neighbor saw two under ten year-old kids at our door the other day and thought they were ours! When she hears her name our old Zoe goes skipping (can I say that about a dog?) to the front door to see them. New neighbor thought they were ours. Nope. Neighbors’ grands who have loved Zoe for years.

When Zoe, an adopted Aussie/Border Collie mix “skips” her little fox ears flop up and down, so cute. My old neighbor D and her top show quality tri-colored Collie became friends with me and my former dog, both now gone. Makai was absolutely gorgeous and used to do silly things like try to drink water from park sprinklers, place every one of my dog’s tennis balls in the water when I took a bath, and chase the head of the rug vacuum.

What Makai lacked on the chart of show dogs was “expressive ears.” My mutt Zoe has them. My friend used to use super glue to bend the ears. Her husband, the Army Ranger, would take off the glue as soon as he got home. Makai always had prick ears like a Doberman. She never went into a show ring. She did lead a good life with caring parents. I think my friend might have put more of an investment in her future that was worth her and her gorgeous dog’s time. It was always fun to take care of Makai when her folks were out of town. She and my Chani are missed but never forgotten. Cheers! Dee



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