Tricking a Cat

Yes, I did it. I was sent a five-week old cat by my sister, across the country. Surprise! He had fallen seven feet from the loft where he was born and his mother would not feed him. I’d never had a cat before that time and did not know anything about raising a cat.

I learned and ten years later adopted another cat. They did not get along. Imagine run, run, hiss, hiss. Again and again. How about a cabinet being opened and slammed closed 100 times at 4:00 a.m. Yes, it was the cat food cabinet.

For the holidays I bought them a blanket. The young one slept under, the older one over. I stayed for five minutes until they were asleep. Then I went to my desk for work and they thought they were cuddling me and not each other.

That’s one way to trick cats and try to live a normal life. Unless there are dogs that run away from home to visit my cats. Yes, they did. They both loved dogs. My husband is so allergic to cats that I can’t have one. Our old dog loves cats, too.

There may be a video for kittens that they can watch on TV. I had a CRT back then and Mick would sit on top and watch and bat at the squirrels and birds. I’d run it twice and he’d go to sleep, so I could work. To you who adopt the unadoptables from local shelters, THANK YOU! Dee


One response to “Tricking a Cat

  1. Mickey was nine weeks when I adopted him. He was taken for a week by an older couple who could not deal with his personality. As a volunteer, I took him with a promise I could not name him “Spot” as he had a big black spot around his right eye. In our interview he was fearless. I named him Mick Dundee of Crocodile Dundee fame but he ended up Mick or even Mickey Mouse. RIP Mick.You were the coolest cat in the neighborhood! He fetched post-it notes and flew over the sofa to do so and left one at my feet to go again. So cool, and I’d get phone calls from dog owners early in the morning whose dog had run away from home. Yep, he’s here. See you.

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