The Game

I remember the Titans. GCM High. They came with swagger and talent and bravado and beat us my first year as a student.

There are other games, with compatriots, people who treat me with disdain, even my husband and our dog. My dear husband says I’m “sneaky” because I can find my way through small streets to get to the grocery, streets he does not know and that do not involve highway traffic.

My dog says I do not need discipline any more, I just want you to feed me. I turned down two small, new dogs last-minute to take care of for a week because we just got off another volunteer gig and old dog and me are exhausted. Plus hubby is here 24/7 at least for this week. I’ll make mini-quiches or we’ll make pancakes because I just got maple syrup. I prefer grade B as I think it tastes better.

With people and dogs (not cats) it’s all in your head. Read them, know what they want you to do for them and decide whether or not to do what they ask. Then decide how to explain your answer, that is critical and it must be short and specific.

Cats are a different story. Cheers! Dee



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