The Bag Drawer

Of course it has zip-top bags in it, along with plastic wrap, aluminum foil, parchment paper and even wax paper because that’s how my bologna sandwich was wrapped when I was a kid. I think I’ve never opened that particular container as it may have something to do with bologna, but I love Mortadella.

Yesterday I taught my husband to slice the Bratwurst, boil it for two minutes, then sear it in a skillet, turn it way down and add sauce.

While he was waiting for the brat water to boil, I have been ill so asked him to put the other sausages in proper packaging and place them in the refrigerator so he could have them for lunch today. He did as I had asked and couldn’t find them anywhere. He was certain he bagged them and I asked “meat drawer? No. Cheese shelf? No.”

A few seconds later I asked if the bag of brats was in the bag drawer. He looked and voila! There it was. As the absent-minded professor he asked how I knew. I just said “I know your mind, dear.” Now that has to be a frightening thought for a genius! People sometimes think, especially scientific minds, that wives are either kindergarten teachers or cute, or hopefully smart in a way that helps their husband in ways they do not notice for years and sometimes never acknowledge.

Marry a math/science nerd but only if you call my husband’s mother who interviewed me for five days telling me how tough mine is to live with. I just said OK, methodical, messy, I know. His grandmother made me an honorary grand-daughter after a 45-minute chat and we eloped two months later. Mother-in-Law and I do a cooking dance around her kitchen for up to five days before Thanksgiving at Nanny’s. M’s upset when our dog doesn’t come with us, as she spot-cleans the kitchen floor before M gets to it after dinner.

My husband and I have been married nearly 15 years, and dog Zoe is 14. Marry a smart person if you are one, even in a different area of expertise. Yin and yang sometimes make for a great combination. Cheers and happy companionship! Dee

ps Nanny made me promise that he would work for the same company for 50 years and get a gold watch. I broke her heart saying that doesn’t happen anymore. I’m still an honorary “grand.” D


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