We get to do things for people. Share meals after a prayer. There are five grandchildren, plus me, an honorary. My husband is the eldest male grand and is his father now is the eldest living son. I only say this in an informational context.

I would like, as a perpetrator of the “war of Northern aggression” to retain tradition. No, J, I was not alive in 1860 to wage war on the South. I would like to retain what is now my family and its traditions. Most of my family is gone now, both parents. Yes, we are from the North but our families share roots in Europe.

What do we do? Bring games for the kids who are getting too old to like them. The boys play football now. We don’t set up this outdoor game, measured boundaries, for nothing. I’m there to help, then cheer on the kids. Both sides. That’s what grands do, cheer for great-grands and further. Thank you, Nanny! Dee


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