I pour water on a tree here for both Jake and Wurli. They both loved that tree and are gone. A former neighbor had Jake and I helped the owner’s sister with the latter stages of his life. Whenever his former “dad” invites us to his home for dinner of course I have to make his favorite dessert, but he knows that the first place I want to go is to see Jake’s box of ashes with my dog ornament atop. He was a great dog.

Wurli is another neighbor who loved that tree. Musician’s dog. His owner is famous and much younger than me but he reminds me of my father with the exceptional ability to play multiple musical instruments. He stopped my husband with our old dog Zoe and expressed condolences on my father’s death. How he heard of this event I don’t know.

I water that tree for both. When I was two, I used my Dad’s violin as a cello. I have the photo. My brother (executor) and I are going to look for it. I will recondition it, and have it donated to the Violin Scholarship program funded in Dad’s name at his college alma mater. All for now, Dee


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