Do you remember playing “tag” as a kid? You’re IT! Everyone scrambles to catch and touch you to win.

Here in my own home, I’m IT. The pup who is visiting for the weekend will not leave me alone for a second even if she is sound asleep when I check on my dog and my husband. She peed on our bedroom carpet in the middle of the night, perhaps because our old dog Zoe is enervated by her behavior and is tired and wants to sleep and not play.

Right now she knows her folks are coming today to pick her up, She is stationed a few feet from me watching the front door. Yes, she pooped as well. Luckily on her wee wee pad. She’s only five months old and has some learning to do. I didn’t tell her that her folks are coming home, she knows.

Her Mom is ill and I know the pup picks up on human contact and frustration in health issues. I am trying to give her the best time she can have without her folks but she is very stressed and trying to take it out on IT, my husband, our old Zoe and our walls. We hope everything turns out well for them as a family. Give me some time to fix the walls and help find her a trainer and I would take her again. Always as a volunteer.  Cheers! Dee



One response to ““It”

  1. I was IT again yesterday. Sorry! I returned something and she hugged my leg and peed on the welcome mat. It happened so quickly we could not stop it. Sorry!

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