I think not. The best thing Trump did was to read the TelePrompter. He actually let someone advise him not to speak extwitteraneously.

When people know his speech fell flat that person will also be fired.

What was this speech about? How can I get over the Nazi scandal. In retaliation should we regulate banks? Insurance? Hopefully not health care as I don’t like poor people. Can we kill people? I can, as president? Let’s go do it! I need to make a statement to my voter base so let’s go kill people.

That is what it was about. I need to remind the President of the United States of America that he doesn’t represent his voting base, but that he represents everyone and has to start acting like it.

This pre-re-election effort will fail, Mr. President. You don’t listen to any of your Cabinet or advisors and fire them as if you’re on TV on The Apprentice. The White House is not TV. You need to have all of us and our issues in mind. Not cheerily, Dee


One response to “Presidential?

  1. Word of the day, extwitteraneously.

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