Dear Mom and Dad

I am losing my sight and now hearing and am nearing 100 in “people years.” I don’t want to go back to my loving vets for more tests or be put under for a teeth cleaning. I am old. Mom has to pet me to get me up in the morning.

Being with you is all I want. As long as I live, I will live well, under your care and tutelage. The kids and dogs and puppies and cats and people will love me. When I go you will be with me. I will be with you, in your mind and heart, forever.

After all,  I’m the best decision you ever made! I got out of the shelter and you got ME, the best! I jumped out of the box, Mom, you threw that box in back and I sat on your lap sniffing the wind out of the car window. That was my first day of freedom. Days later after Mom getting me fluids, and treating me for coccididia and hookworms was real freedom.

You gave something I never had, a home. It has been mine, in different places but always with you. Some people call it a “forever home” but for me, it’s just home. You’re always there, taking care of me. Well she didn’t tell me I could post Zoe’s blog but you need a change so I’m sure it’ll be ok. Treats, Zoe

ps A note from Dee, Zoe’s “mom.” I ran into a doc today, am taking care of their pup for a day next month. I told him of Zoe’s age and condition when we got her from the shelter. When fluids were required, I made sure she didn’t need an IV as she was already distressed and we’d only had her for two days, that it would be sub-Q (subcutaneous fluids underneath the neck skin). I told him that the vet looked at me funny and asked who I was, no nurse or doc. Just someone who had helped spay/neuter 2,500 feral cats over the years! Zoe was hydrated, de-wormed and fine. I think that vet’s mind spun around a few times. I found a better vet closer to home. And another to take out her hips as a pup, she had the worst x-rays her surgeon had ever seen. Dr. Val has the pictures to prove it. D


One response to “Dear Mom and Dad

  1. Zoe has a personal space in the back of my SUV with a 4″ orthopedic bed, food, water, a mylar blanket that she doesn’t need when it’s cool enough for her to go to the store with me, park in the garage and open the windows. My dear Aunt L would say she likes to be “by” which means near me. On the road, she loves the road, she sleeps on her bed and her head pops up at off-ramps and stop lights. Five miles ahead is the family farm and she pops up and sniffs the cattle. She is so excited to see family she stands on Grandpa’s sofa where he reads every night and awaits his return from delivering hay.

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