Interior Design

I’m no expert, but I know what I like and have created a home base for us that includes muted furnishing tones, area rugs, and lots of vibrant art.

Our home has sconces in nearly every room. I cannot move them, my husband is very tall and they are below the top of his head. How do I design? I barricade mostly without a literal barricade (like the decorative shoe rack by the coat closet).  Figurative barricades. Thick frames around photos I took on a trip with his parents and chose to frame in the hallway to the master bedroom. I know my husband doesn’t want to destroy my art so will not crack his head open on sconces.

I love designing the framing of art and I’ve a wonderful partner in crime, K. She leads me in choices to make up my mind and I choose. One day she was off work and it was a very important sketch my father got me over 30 years ago, the week before he died last year. It was in a basic “uni-frame” but I had it done in wood, a dark red mat, a fillip to bring out the undulation of the dancers and a large frame that does the same.

Calling K the next day I wanted to ask her to look at it as the owner made me decide everything myself. K answered and I was expecting bad news about my decisions. She said, “what great choices! I look forward to working on this one!” She got it done in 1/3 the time. I love giving her challenges, like family collages she has to cut down and arrange per my specs. Let’s say if I wanted to do an “accent wall” to show Greece, Italy and my father and brother’s works in dance, I’d call her for color ideas and invite her for lunch and of course, pay her for her time.

The most important things are that my husband is not hitting his head on low-hanging sconces and we have nicely framed art on the walls.

Next up are his life and family collage, and an echo of the seasonal quilt created and sewed by his mother but not in bright colors, it is of Tuscany or perhaps Puglia and would be hung in another room as an homage to the dear quilt-maker. She has many ideas as to internal and external home design. I’ve learned so much from her over the years.

Her eldest son has some preferences, not many. He is usually away, working. I do what is appropriate at the time to keep the place up so we can spend weekends together with our dear old Zoe, the dog. He’s gotten used to living in hotels.

There are tons of books and papers. I think I need a better shredder. Not for the books as we’ve bookshelves and ones read (not technical in software or cooking) may be good for the box up the street which is for book trading for free. That’s what we did in Europe during backpack days, give a book and get a book. Cheers! Dee


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