It’s after 2:00 a,m. and I cannot sleep. My husband, first time in a while, is now snoring soundly, dog Zoe is yipping in REM sleep. I was just laughing inside my head while marveling at my family and how I know them so well, so can get up and write a bit.

My husband sometimes talks in his sleep. He tells me I do as well. I never understand a single word he says, just put my hand on his back and say “it’s OK” and snoring starts once again. With the dog it’s different. Sometimes I put my hand on her, usually her REM sleeps are very brief and she goes right back to sleep on her own.

It’s funny how you know people 24/7, and a dog. As a wife and “dog mom” you know what everyone is up to and anticipate what they need all the time. Out? OK, it’s 2 a.m. and I can get a jacket on and do it. That is rare. Zoe’s on really great food and she is not ill often even given her age.

I never lived with someone when I was single. It is very different being with a husband, someone for 15 years as there is a sense of one-ness and camaraderie that you don’t get from going on a date to a movie. Come on, we fart from time to time, so does old Zoe.

When I leave to write or just go into the other room I listen. I know they’re both OK. ABC, Airway, Breathing, Circulation. Yes, I took the first ever course from HSUS and the Red Cross for animals, way back. Yes, I passed and worked with shelter animals and feral cats for 20 years.

I still check on them every 20 minutes I’m in our den typing. They don’t know it, but I’m there. That’s what caring people do for their loved ones. Dee

ps They are fine, I will sign off and go back to them. D



One response to “Sounds

  1. Sorry, I did live with other people when I was single, in college and early at work, they were called female roommates, my friends.

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