Everybody Knows Your Name

My husband is known here, a but nobody understands what he does for a living. There are doctors and musicians, many others known for their skills.

Dad was known by many and is missed by many, especially his children and fiancee and her family.

I walk our old dog Zoe and everyone knows her. Inside, outside, on walks, whatever. everyone says hello. My husband and I check different things on Netflix and Amazon prime. He’s usually home only weekends and tired so we lay on different angles of the sofa and watch something, like NCIS or lately Cheers or a movie. Never Jane Austen for him!

I’m just the retired wife at home taking care of the house and dog and writing a bit. I don’t begrudge Zoe for having the limelight and time of her aged life taking credit for her sunny personality as it is so and I know it because she has been our joy for nearly 14 years. Do you believe they would not take her as a hospice dog visitor because she eats frozen raw food? They thought she would infect people who had two days to live.

My husband and I used to have a place to go a block away for a burger where everybody knew our names. It is now a flower store, gorgeous blooms, where I shop every week. They know my name but always ask for Zoe. My husband had her photo placed on my credit card. They all know her and ask me to bring her in.

You want to go where everybody knows your name. I will miss Zoe when she passes. She is over 90 in “people years.” Her sunny personality has helped us meet people and deflect dog situations on the neighboring streets, whatever neighborhood we are in. She just knows what to do.

The happiest I see her is when we turn down the five mile road to my in-law’s ranch in Texas. She hops up from her orthopedic bed in back of my SUV and I open the windows. She knows she’ll have a feast from crumbs grandma and I drop during several days of cooking before Thanksgiving. We like it because it’s less to clean up at the end of a day!

Why remember our names? Remember Zoe. She is still with us, just getting old like me. Cheers, Dee



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