We had folks over the other day and I realized that everything I do  is on the diagonal or odd-numbered. Flowers, plants, art, candles, food. An odd number makes everything, flowers to food, look more lush.

The bakers’ dozen was/is 13. As to odds, the last time I bet was on my husband, (prime #1) and we’ve been together over 15 years. I did bet on our honeymoon in Las Vegas, four dollars in quarters, one or two (quarters on a spin of the wheel if I won) in every casino we walked by to see in hot weather. We ended up with $6, a whopping return on investment. Think of that in hundreds of thousands of dinero. I’ll never do that.

Books, I cannot count as to evens and odds. I have my cookbooks, business books, war books (Machiavelli and Sun Tzu) and novels people give me, my husband has software and business books. They may be even but they definitely are odd.

I bought lemon grass the other day from a great book for a marinade and chicken for a grill event. He is too busy writing a book to see us or come out for dinner. I have made our place a home. People call me their dog’s “Aunt Dee.” The marinade comes from one of my constant and well-read reference books called “Uncommon Fruits and Vegetables.” It’s a good pet to have in your library.

My husband bought me flowers for 15 years. When he was away for work and came home for weekends I chose and learned to put them in vases, for him, always in odd numbers, yes prime. He never noticed the flowers, just the container, so I started ordering vintage chemistry flasks and beakers and making flower arrangements.

Welcome home! Hello, dear. Is that a Florence flask? What are the odds that a right-brained and left-brained get together and have an old dog? Cheers and take your dog for a walk. That’s what I’m going to do, before the Comey hearing when I have a date with the tv. Dee


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