No, old dog Zoe and I didn’t see it, but we sure smelled it and headed home right away. The “Parking Nazi “saw us and put down the window. So glad we have underground paid parking spots as she tows every vehicle she sees on the street! She said she smelled it and wanted to know where the critter was.

We never saw it. The dog or bunny or whatever it “got” today was gone as well. This was five a.m. We were skunked and everything has gone through a wash. After all, we were skunked!

I told Parking Nazi to have a good day. We’re OK now.

We’ve a pup staying with us over the weekend, mishap with vacation hotel. Perhaps not, as they get to vacation and I get to stay home with our dogs, who get along.  Little one came up on my lap and stayed there, holding my right arm hostage while I petted her with my left. Our old Zoe went nuts showing off her toy skills and embarrassing me throughout the visit.

The couple does not wish to leave their dog but who better than Aunt Dee? Zoe’s beta and would never hurt anything, except perhaps a mouse or baby squirrel or bunny. No, she’s not allowed, and loves dogs and even cats. And people.

My husband is upset today that Zoe is more enthusiastic to see her dog food delivery guy than him, and he’s the “fun guy.” I’m the food wench and disciplinarian. As Scarlett O’Hara said, “tomorrow is another day.”

Husband has been here a week, for a change writing a book, and M only delivers for a few minutes every other week so M takes precedence in Zoe’s mind. Absence makes the heart grow fonder? With husbands, yes. Dogs, no. Our dog wants to be close, observe and herd and monitor without being too close. Not a lap dog. Cheers and pick up after your dog, Dee



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