A Glorious Weekend

Actually, it was quite cold and we had to get out our heated jackets. That’s a secret, for now. It was windy, cold and rainy.

Last night I made a roasted chicken with olive oil, salt, pepper, sage and thyme. At the last minute I decided not to stuff it. I heated some red potato wedges in the microwave from the day before (yes, me, microwave) and my husband peeled and sliced himself a couple of carrots to eat before dinner. I had the rest of my lunch plus a few cherry tomatoes. Dee prefers he eats apple or carrot or grapes before dinner, rather than ice cream. Chocolate Therapy, Ben & Jerry’s no less.

We went to our favorite Italian grocery and got another 10# of OO flour for pasta (he wanted, once, to try and make pasta with my hand-cranked machine, as he is a physicist he likes to know how things work) and my pizza dough. They had a house-made tomato cream sauce that was fantastic. We ate lunch there. My husband ordered a muffaletta sandwich with a side of giardiniera. He never got to the side so I brought it home. I had gnocchi and broccoli with tomato cream, some for lunch, the rest for dinner with some of the giardiniera.

After two dinners with glorious sauces over pasta I asked him last night what he wanted for dinner. I prefaced it by saying if he wants spaghetti, tomatoes and meat there is a firing squad outside that will take care of things. Levity, my dear. I roasted a chicken. Today it will become soup or sandwiches. There is always a method to my madness.

The other day ladies and little girls were parading around in summer dresses and sandals. It will be warmer today, but not that warm. I am thinking of a broccoli-cheese soup, bread and a salad for lunch. We do take care of each other, and love the mountains. Cheers and happy Monday! Dee


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