By everything, everyone. All the time. It’s exhausting. My husband just challenged me to go to another city in 12 hours with no notice, no time to pack, just let the dog off and go. No information on transit or where we would stay.

Why? It’s not a romantic getaway, it’s a way for him to chill out by seeing a science museum. I’ll take art, any day.

Our dog will be 13 this month. An Asian man touched her this evening on her “last chance” time outside and said she has a problem with her right shoulder. He was correct, it is very warm. Zoe already has no hips, so if she was to have cancer in the front and have a limb excised we would have to think of her future with us and what we can do for her. Dad died last month so I’m hoping it’s not serious. Don’t worry, I can deal with the decision and holding my family member at the last stage. I don’t know that my husband can or would join me in that endeavor.

I am weighing this against a trip my husband created without my input an hour ago so he can see a science museum. My husband is my best friend and the most important person in my life. Our dog is very special to us and I will have her see the vet and perhaps lose a day of our weekend. He always sleeps the first day, anyway! Cheers, Dee






2 responses to “Challenged

  1. Ouch! I hope it’s just a muscle strain for Zoe, and that she feels better soon.

    We’re slogging through an unexpected foot of snow in a city that isn’t terribly prepared for it. But things aren’t too bad; I’ve seen it worse here. Recently!

  2. PS: Which science museum are you going to see?

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