When Pigs Fly

That is nearly what my parents said when, at age 16, I asked if I could train for my learners’ permit. Said permit was for supervised driving of a passenger car only, not for matters of the heart.

Same age I was asked out on a first date. “When he!! freezes over!” I went on that date and they picked the movie and I was only to be gone until 10:00. The guy dumped me for a cheerleader who was more into what he was into at the time.

He came back when I was 18 and we were engaged at 21. I broke it off after three weeks. Too controlling. My female vibes kicked in when he told me we had to sit on the right in church so God would know he’s a conservative. I countered with “what if God is standing in the front of the church and thinks you’re liberal?”

The second largest Great Lake is freezing over. It’s not photo-worthy at the moment. It was a few weeks ago with the warmer water steaming through ice that tried to form. I was busy back then so I didn’t get to capture it for you. I think the ice fishers may have a few weeks with their augurs, tents,poles and coolers.

I like taking one random ice fisher under my wing for one morning, breakfast and bring coffee or hot chocolate, muffins or pastries and always a six-pack of a local brew for later. Last time they landed a big fish as I arrived and they made me stay as good luck until I became too cold to do so. They only had a bit of ice last year.

So as long as the lake freezes, I should be free to do what I wish to do, as I no longer have parents to ask permission. Only a husband. He doesn’t ask, I don’t ask. It’s worked well for over 15 years. He’s not controlling, he’s methodical, as his mother would say. And he doesn’t make me go to church, much less tell me where to sit. Amen.

Cheers from an icy cold outdoors and warm, inviting indoors. Dee


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