I Can’t Hear You

My husband is home two days per week. Today we have a monumental challenge I’ll tell you about, perhaps even a photo, after this endeavor is accomplished around noon. It is one piece of furniture and something we (at least I) will treasure. My husband said no, then that if I wanted something that bad he’d be OK with it.

I told folks I was getting food and flowers for my husband, who comes into town on weekends. He’s sound asleep right now, with our dog. They said it must be a challenge to a marriage to be alone most of the time.

He’s in our bathroom shaving. I’m talking. He says “I can’t hear you dear, I’m shaving.”

I say “I’m not talking to you, honey, I’m talking to the dog.” Yes, I talk to the dog all week. That’s the way it is in Dee-Land. Stay out of my kitchen, Zoe! You just got your dinner and you’re not going to get ours. Dee


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