A couple of years ago a dear person left our employ. Another took his place. I gave J a corn pudding with chorizo and mushrooms. He called it a quiche, but it had no pastry.

His replacement thought J had gone so ate the last piece, not good. Since then the new regular has helped me out a few times. I used to make him my version of a corn custard. Then it became a corn quiche but I didn’t make the pastry so he didn’t like it as much. Yes, beggars can be ornery.

This time I made him a corn bread pudding with jalapeno cornbread, corn, cheese, chorizo and duxelles. I made a little one for him, and a bigger one for His Better Half. He got a kick out of that labeling and so will his wife. It was his last day of work here. Zoe and I will miss him.

Perhaps he needs someone to steal a slice and I’ll have the right “new guy!” We’ll see. Dee


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