Old and New

It is my goal to keep in touch with old neighbors as much as possible. Yesterday my husband and I walked and delivered lasagna to our “old” neighbors. They offered us a gorgeous desk from a nunnery.

My husband doesn’t want the desk because we have a flimsy table in our bedroom he never uses for his laptop and thinks he’ll have to do all the work. The table can be folded up and placed back in storage and take no space at all.

What I’d like to do is all the work myself/hired out and surprise my husband with a new, clean, lemon-oiled desk as a loaner, until our neighbors move to a place with room for it. It is a special piece.

Speaking of special things, one knock on our front door last night and we got to meet our newest neighbor, G. We were the first non-family folks who got to meet him as they returned late last night from the hospital. Sleepy, good weight, healthy. We’re happy for all. No, he’s not a dog. He’s a baby! Sheesh!

As to old and new I like to keep both in my thoughts and deeds. Old neighbors (in the neighborhood longer than us) tried to give us gifts, a plant, artsy paper flowers and a couple of books. I said the best gift I could have was to keep in touch and see them now and then. They also like my chili and don’t cook for themselves.

As for the new one, his mother probably doesn’t want chili, even mild chili, right now. I’ll have to perhaps make another lasagna. What goes around, comes around. Our dog Zoe will enjoy having their blind dog B around here for bits and pieces while they get used to the wee bairn. Oh, and how much stuff they have to carry around. It’s like me taking luggage to the airport but with diapers, clothing, milk, etc. and they have to take it all on a walk around the block! Oy vey, says this agnostic Catholic! Here’s to old and new. Dee



One response to “Old and New

  1. I got a call. They loved my lasagna. Had it twice (it did weigh a bit) and asked me to take a lovely desk that was from a nunnery/school, the teacher’s oak desk, because they don’t have room in their architecturally and environmentally marvelous space.

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