Home Improvement

My husband buys expensive dress shoes. I have folded “dog towels” in the entry-way for shoes.

Years ago I told a property owner that people in northern climates have no closet space. They need room for coats, boots, hats, gloves, scarves and there is nothing.

I just made our own space. It cost less than 10% of one pair of his dress shoes. For years I’ve been using folded “dog towels” and I didn’t want to do that anymore. I’ve no option but for guests to see shoes and boots on a rack but anything looks better than dog towels, which even dog Zoe doesn’t use. She has her own towels, perfectly hotel-rolled in a basket next to her/my shower and bath. They’re nicer than our towels.

In the end I may use one clean towel under the shoe showcase in case of rain, ice, snow or mud. Getting rid of stuff and boxes and paper et al is an inspiration. My husband is appreciative and apprehensive, the dog thinks we’re moving so is at my heels every moment. That’s a herder! Dee


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