Amazon now has its own truck service. Problem is, they don’t know addresses or where to park.

We buy a lot from Amazon because my husband is on the road for business and we don’t wish to spend weekends out shopping.

Yesterday a new driver was here with a package for a sister address. I was in the lobby awaiting the “manager” and reading the newspapers. He asked where the sister address was located. I told him.

He went to walk out the door and I said, “but all their packages get delivered here.” He told me he’d have to talk to the manager on that issue. I said I’d been here longer than the manager and I know all the packages are kept here in a secure room.

She walked in, with her fabulous outfit and jewelry and simply said “what she said.” How I love my little “sister,” yes, the manager.

If Amazonliness is near to Godliness, heaven forbid you don’t give GPS to your drivers or have them know the neighborhoods they serve. Perhaps you can hire the USPS to give them a primer.

If Amazon wants to give us gift certificates or something for our birthdays we’re six weeks apart, I’m Scorpio and she is a Sagittarius. I think we work well together, and between us we kept him from another drive or two, and a pricy parking ticket. We’ll both be of a certain age and she always looks better than me and it’s not just that I’m in dog walking clothes. We both look good in jewel tones. Cheerily, Dee


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