A Decadent Brunch

My husband gets to be home on weekends. Saturday I made him Eggs Benedict. He talked me through the Hollandaise as I haven’t made it since cooking school. I think I used every pot and pan we have.

Making it American, I sauteed American speck (no extra fat was added to the pan) to place on the muffin, just watch it in the pan so it doesn’t burn. It was quite salty. If there is a next time for this decadent dish, it will have true Italian prosciutto.

My husband also got to put down the toast every couple of minutes, of course they were English muffins! After the sauce was done I placed eggs in simmering water with vinegar.

Plating was muffin, speck, egg and Hollandaise. Tasty, rich. We got lazy for the rest of the day and he had me watch a movie I didn’t like so I had him watch the last few moments of a cooking show.

Today I must make burgers for lunch and Beef Carbonnade for dinner. Right now I took the dog out, fed her and lifted her back up to bed. He’s there, I am not. Both she and he need to sleep. Cheers! Dee


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