Rounding Things Out

No-one ever taught me this. I’ve just kind of taught myself.

Sometimes it doesn’t work at all. My neighbors are expecting a baby, their first, any day now and I saw that they had a package, as did we, so I asked if I could take it up for them. No, that’s against Security. I pick up my older neighbors’ prescriptions downstairs all the time, with no concern about security. I love them, knock on their door and deliver. That’s the benefit of being out with a dog five times a day!

Normally, I round out meals. I grew up with three square meals a day and my mother always made dessert for after dinner. My concerns are more in balancing tastes, flavors, textures, color, and guests. For whom am I cooking and what plates, linens, to use; family style plating? If the Texas side is coming by to see July 4 fireworks it’s my beans in a crock pot, steak and ribs on the grill, potato salad and my Celebration Cole Slaw. Yes, they’re all served on the “bar” in handmade Italian serving platters and bowls we were given for our wedding nearly 14 years ago.

Today I am learning to round things out with flowers, but made a misstep. I picked out my flowers and colors and decided to arrange them myself. Daisies, football mums, purple chrysanthemum star variety I’d say, and the same alstroemeria I had in my wedding bouquet. I bought a bouquet that was already made for the dining table, one flowering Kale for the kitchen counter and my sorry bouquet.

It just looked kind of naked so I went back to the shop and bought two thistles for height and color (and our love of Scotland), and two sprigs of greens. Voila! It looks beautiful. I rounded it out in color, height and a bit of oomph.

This is a relatively new floral business that has moved to our neighborhood. I love them and they’ve always been good to me. Today I thought I’d tell them I may have a large corporate account and over 500 potential customers in the neighborhood. When later I was sold the simple greens and thistles I bought a small vase and a beautiful dahlia for the person will be making floral decisions. We’re friends, Irish “sisters” six weeks apart. She placed the shop’s cards out for people to see, an action I may regret.

The person who sold me two vases and greens and thistles told me she could not place water in a vase for me to carry home. I asked for a teaspoon of water for the dahlia in a vase I bought from her. She said no and that Friday was “cash and carry” only. No water allowed.

So much for trying to round things out. Five hundred¬†potential customers vs. one teaspoon of water denied by an ornery clerk. Shame on you! There is something to be said for being kind to all customers, especially “regulars,” and promoting the business. Denying me a teaspoon of water or even a wet paper towel for the stem sends me a sign and it is not a good one. I went to a shop twice in one day, spent money, and asked for their cards to be placed visibly in the community, and was denied a teaspoon of water. Do I really need to pay for a tsp. of water? She didn’t ask me that, just said “no.”

I’ve rarely seen it before but what goes around, comes around. I’ve worked for people and folks have worked me. I am and have always been a team player. I’ve no patience for braggarts, divas or slackers. I’ve rounded things out on athletic teams, with clients, and with taking leadership in volunteer roles as a trustee and as a hands on worker.

Walk the walk. Well, my hips are frail so I’ll try to keep up. Round something out, whether it’s the Day Old Pastries band or whatever! Dee




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