Sometimes I find things. After age 40 a husband found me. He still tells me and others that I picked him up in a bar! Not true. We shook hands in the parking lot and he said since we both loved movies we might see one sometime as friends. He called the next night, and picked me up (I still have the map with my address in it), map is in my car. He took my hand and for nearly 15 years has never let go.

I was at a consignment shop years ago in Texas and looking at a dresser that could be a place to store dining linens and plates. I opened the top drawer to see if it had dovetail joints and there were two Tuscan scenes, lithos numbered and signed. I grabbed them and checked out. $4 for both. Of course it cost $150 to frame. They’re gorgeous and help our “Tuscan Retreat.”

Another find, the dog. A year after we married we adopted THW, yes, The Hip-less Wonder. I lifted her up onto the bed and she is sound asleep but will be at my feet at any moment. She can jump down because of a strong core and front end. She is a herder and guards against me leaving her for any reason, even to buy her food.

Lately, not of my desire, elevators have taken to me. I was stuck on one for over an hour a few weeks ago, and on a floor eight floors down with old dog Zoe for two minutes tonight for “last chance.” I had the gumption to choose the other elevator, the one I was stuck in, to get home. I called it in and and am home safe.

Findings. I found peace and friendship at a country home with a great view and 25 acres. We played at the creek, in the sand, in the pool and dogs came to visit me. I was ten when we moved away to a big city/suburb.

Leadership was gained in high school championing our gymnastics team. We came in second, but made it to State. Courage was found when I gave our star gymnast an ultimatum at the State Championship. Stay and cheer for your team, or you’re off the team as of now and you forfeit your medal. She stayed.

I have found knowledge, languages I did not know I could learn or speak (only the basics, please, thank you, good morning/evening/night, and where is the nearest bathroom) but I can do it in Greek. Kalimera, kalispera, kalinichta. Espharito (please) and Parakalo (thank you or di nada.)

There is beauty out there. My husband always lived in a man cave, such as on the first floor with blinds closed behind the mail boxes. As a kid, we always had a view or at least a pool. Now, we always have a view. Once my father had a tennis court. That’s a long story.

Not for when I’m stuck in the elevator or because the Navy won’t send their pilots to an air show (The Blue Angels) so the entire show was cancelled this year. What a view we have of that show, practice is the best time to see it from my desk.

Finding my self. I’m getting older and want to take care of my family. I am a cook and always have a front burner. That’s the hot one, the one that screams help me! That’s Dad right now. I’m trying to work down my list but he’s #1.

Yes, lists help me and it would be good to put pencil and paper on my bed table so if I awaken at three in the morning I can put down good ideas. Thank you for that. I think I’ve unburdened enough and the dog is not here with me. She is getting old, 90 in people years. I’m getting old as well. May as well share another thing I found, wisdom. Dee




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