Soak Up The Sun

Thanks, Sheryl Crow, for singing Zoe’s theme song. I think you must have known my dog Zoe in another life. Aw, shucks. The minute I came into my office to write this she followed and is sleeping in the shade at my feet. She’s a herder but loves early mornings after walk and food, lying in the sun. I keep the shades up a bit for her.

Zoe’s beds are outside and our outside has been taken over by spiders. Nasty ones who may have gotten inside the beds this past week and laid eggs. My husband returns home late tonight and I got some spider killer. If he kills them and gets rid of the webs with a broom, I will vacuum the beds within an inch of their lives and take them to be cleaned if need be. As an old Catholic gal, there’s nothing hot water, suds and a hot dryer cannot cure. All right, there’s Confession. That’s why I’m agnostic! Who needs to know I had an extra snickerdoodle cookie???

The spiders are catching gnats, which is good. It’s just creepy to watch them and I don’t want to go out there because we have not used the old grill. There’s an old railroad track below that was turned into a hike and bike trail. Lovely, but they allow standing water on the sides. After 20 phone calls I was told the standing water was under the Marine Mammal Protection Act. Seriously?

I’ve never seen a dolphin or blue whale in four inches of fetid water. Only bugs, and trash people toss in. I don’t want 80,000 spider babies making this their home.

What is my role? I create, and also fight fires. Not real fires. Whatever comes up that becomes a #1 Priority by right or otherwise. Fighting fires alone is not a fun job, luckily the creativity turns to cooking or writing. Thank you, readers. Stalwart individuals who still appreciate someone who does not tweet, and who probably spends ten minutes a year on Facebook. I appreciate you. Dee


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