His and Hers

No, not towels. I do keep a certain symmetry in having red and blue to define territory. No, I’m not territorial, he’s got severe allergies so if he knows to pick up the blue thing, it’s a good thing.

When we met he was eating string cheese and leaving the wrappers between the kitchen and his home-built first dual-brained and dual-monitored computer in a man cave. I organized everything so he could move away in the dot-bomb era where the bosses left the white board un-erased and on a Friday afternoon an agenda item was left behind: Fire Staff. That must have been a great weekend!

Now he likes recipes. He wants to use all the equipment I bought for my kitchen years ago so has learned how to make light and fluffy pancakes, and hand-cranked pasta.

I believe that Knockwurst Press does not like iPhoto so I cannot show the gorgeous photo I wanted to do for his and hers.

My recipes are from Julia Child, James Beard, Simca Beck and many others. My husband has a book called Numerical Recipes. All I can say is that he’s a genius and I was approved by his family years ago, and that his grandmother, Nanny, says “he looks like he’s being well fed.” He eats my food, and I eat his numbers. He gets paid, I pay the bills, do the taxes, take care of home and dog. Here’s to you from the Feminist Homemaker. Yes, I got a volunteer “job” at Sundance because of that moniker but knew something was up so I cancelled training well in advance. There was a massive layoff January 2 and he was let go.

He’s coming home from a consulting job paying much more, probably around midnight, for the weekend. The best thing I can do is nest and make sure everything is done. It’s an 18-hour round trip Friday and Monday and a time change. I try to keep everything on his time. He has a sleep mask I place on the bed, put his phone on the charger, take out and feed the dog and place her atop the bed. She has no hips so I must lift her to be with the Stick Man. See the movie on Netflix with your kids. You’ll all love it. Cheers! Dee

ps This is not a monetized site, if you want to meet the Stick Man do it on  your own. D


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