Similarities and Differences

My mother made a beef stew Dad didn’t really like, even though it was his Mom’s recipe. I make a beef stew that started in Normandy. My husband loves it over Italian pappardelle noodles. France and Italy, working together, imagine that.

We love a great view and have one, just not one we wish for. My husband craves meat and potatoes. When he’s gone on business I eat fruit, veg and yogurt. We get along, for nearly 15 years. I’ve an aged NY Strip for him I bought last weekend and unfortunately had to freeze. I may have some pasta with pesto. My home-grown basil is looking sad so I had to buy some.

Last night, awaiting my husband’s plane three hours late, he got in at midnight so I turned the tv off, I had watched the beginning of Mississippi Burning. I do not like negative or violent films before sleep because they cause nightmares.

My husband knows not even to take me to a Harry Potter film on opening day at midnight. I keep the romantic comedies/dramas to a minimum so we’ve settled in the middle, cop dramas. Compromise.

I wonder why nations and people cannot compromise. We’re all people. We eat several times a day, drink the water, may espouse another god but we’re all the same. We bleed red.

When my family went to visit Dachau 30 years ago there was no sign and the locals did not want to tell us where it was located. They were ashamed. We found the German WWII death camp and it was earth-shattering to me.

WWII, Korea, Vietnam, other wars including Afghanistan and Iraq. They’re not about people, they are about resources and our young people should not be over there searching for “freedom” and dying by IED’s because there is no freedom or honor among tribes nor can we make it be so. If we want oil, buy it, not with lives. Our government bailed out all the banks and insurance companies, why not bring our kids home and write a check?

One more thing, in countries where women are chattel, cover themselves except to see and must be escorted by husband or family, men tend to be more violent. My husband works in an industry that has use for him in any country. He will not move, even short-term to some countries because of me. I have cogent arguments to which he listens. Yes, we discuss things and listen to each other and agree, to disagree or to meet in the middle. That is how things should work between people and nations. Hoping for the best, Dee



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