Vision, Redux

I have a home in mind for us.

Yesterday in the midst of cleaning and keeping dog Zoe out of the way, I lost my glasses. After looking everywhere I went to the car for the grocery to get a few things and they were around my neck!

I know my eyglass purveyor and its docs do charitable work all over the world so also found some old “readers” to clean up and donate that will be used with new prescription lenses for those in need.

I also see forward for us. I’d love a log cabin in the woods with a view. Two bedrooms, great kitchen, alcove where I can work whilst listening to sounds that my kitchen work may boil over, wood stove (plus heat and A/C) and two baths. All one floor, heated garage, and storage.

Also, my “in my head” designed guest cottage with full kitchen and bath. One can dream, dear. My glasses are hanging out on my neck and I’m giving some eyeglasses to Chinese children. We’re supposed to be “covered” for healthcare in the USA but it’s not happening as insurance companies deny claims.

My new glasses are precious so I put on a pair of readers on before sleep and nestle the new one in its blanket and case. Doc laughed and says these children get glasses and their parents to whom they donate place the glasses in a case and will not allow the child to wear them because they’re too precious. In my mind, their children are way more important. The effort is to help children read, learn and putting the glasses away thwarts that effort that a lot of love and expertise went into.

As my old glasses are covering my eyes once again, I must tell you a story. When my husband was very young his teacher knew he had a vision problem and told his parents.

When he walked out of the doctor’s office with coke-bottle glasses he could actually see the other side of the street for the first time. It makes me cry every time I think of it. Normal. It was normal for him to not be able to see. He explained his vision to me years later. Yes, physics, math, software that runs stocks and banks and oil/gas and consulting. He could see all the time, just not through his eyes.

He just bought our nephew an oscilloscope, fancy soldering iron et al because he wants to be an electrical engineer. He’s happy to have it, and has a smart friend over so they can work on things together. Luckily Mom and Dad are near. Please be safe, boys.

Kids think things are normal until they learn otherwise. I thought every grandfather had his leg cut off in WWII. It was normal. I grew up seeing his artificial leg in the corner of the bedroom where he spent six months a year.

It is what we learn from life that is important, and that we actually learn from our education and our lives. Left hand, right hand. My husband is strong in math/science and I am in Soc/psych and dealing with people. It’s a classic combination, geek and chic. But I’m not chic, I cook and wear Crocs. Cheers! Dee


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