In the beginning I looked for 1,000 readers/participants. Now I’m looking to quit at 100K. Yes, it’s been an un-monetized niche blog. It gives me joy to send you flowers from my heart,via my blog.

My eyes/glasses are still not right but I did something the other day in which you might have interest. I had framed a work of art, from the first artist in the world, 1700’s Japan, who created a full-color wood print. I took care of a neighbor’s dog while she was in Japan and she returned with this lovely print.

I chose the double mat pulling out the colors, and the frame with able assistance from my consultant K and it is gorgeous. But one must remember that the frame and the colors are only designed to showcase what is within. Our neighbor and her dog saw it the other day, while Mom was admiring the art, her dog and Zoe were mixing it up in a good way. Keep away is always a good game.

I could say they’re “fast friends” but the young speed hound would leave our old Zoe in the dust. But they do like to sleep together, on our bed. Trust.

People judge on skinny or fat, tall or short, black or white. When one looks at an historic wood block print, a painting Dad did at age 80 or the paintings I collected from an artist in Florence with an easel outside where we stayed, even photos I took from various trips they are gifts because how I framed them shows what’s on the inside.

Please try to see what is on the inside. A frame and matting are on the exterior only to draw attention to the art and what it says on the interior. Dee


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