Honor, Among Thieves?

There are two I have in mind. One taxes us at home twice what my husband is taxed for and earns in another state. To me, I’m about to do our taxes, that is highway robbery.

The other is a woman who has been going around our neighborhood stealing from people. She was caught a couple of months ago and I’ve even seen video footage of her counting her loot and walking in like she owns the place. The District Attorney declined to prosecute due to lack of evidence (there is video evidence and our security company caught her at another location) so she’s back.

In 1993 ago I bought my first new car, a bright red army jeep with no back seats so I could take my dog to the beach to run and chase really fast birds she could never catch. Soft top, I bought The Club to keep it from being stolen.

Ten years later I habitually put on The Club even though I knew we’d only get $2,300 for the old car. I was worried they’d steal The Club!

I grew up in neighborhoods where we never locked our doors or our cars. Those were the days. Now I am always religious about locking our doors.

The second I walk in or walk out the door is locked. The thief jiggles door handles, finds one open, steals money, wallets, cell phones from neighbors who are taking out the trash or taking their dog for a quick walk. I lock our doors and so far we’ve not been targeted.

As for the government tax thieves all we can do is move to a state with no income tax. Yes, I know where they are and where we want to be. Smarter than the average bear, Dee


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